The Best HCG Diet Food

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The foods allowed by the low calorie HCG diet are carefully screened. You can’t just take any foods low on calorie and eat them. Being low calorie is just one of the aspects of the diet that makes it effective. It is at the same time a detox calling for fiber rich foods and lots of liquids, and good amounts of proteins are also required to build and safeguard muscle tissues. The HCG diet wants you to have all kinds of vitamins and minerals to make sure you maintain good health while you are dieting.

The HCG diet focuses on two things that you lose weight fast and you keep the diet results permanently. Being fast, it’s able to drop half pound at the very least daily, it’s time frames are rather short. There are two time frames. One covers 23 days for those who do not have much to lose. Another covers 40 days for the seriously fat. Still the diet knows that healthy eating habit plays a critical role in providing a long-term solution to the weight problem. Thus, the HCG diet might be very low calorie, but it selects foods to allow very carefully.

The HCG diet comes with a recipe that its founder, Dr. Simeons, formulated. There is no doubt the hCG diet food is ion that recipe since the doctors has tested the recipe for a long time before releasing it for public consumption. The foods, mostly vegetables, fruits, sea food and lean meats, contained in the recipe meet the requirements of the HCG program. They have plenty of protein, fiber and minerals and vitamins your body needs to keep healthy. They contain very little calories – just 500 calories – to make sure you lose weight.

There are many HCG diet variations offered by some HCG experts. It would be wise not to utilize versions until you have compared them with the original found in the book “Pounds and Inches” that Dr. Simeon wrote. You can also consult a nutritionist of a doctor about changes to the original.

The reason why you have to be careful about changes in the foods recommended by Dr. Simeon is that HCG diet dangers may arise out of it. The foods in the original diet recipe had been tested for their ability to help activate the HCG hormone you take in conjunction with the weight loss diet. If you have read anything about how the HCG program works, you know that the HCG hormone has a lot to do with speeding up your metabolic process which results in fast fat loss and reduction in food cravings. The fast metabolic process also generates lots of calories, so that you will weaken at all.

The risks you face in changing some of the food items in the recipe are too great. Perhaps, you just have to follow the recipe, but if you cannot do that, do not forget to consult somebody professional, so that you will still lose weight as expected and serious dangers can be avoided.

When do you Buy HCG diet Drops?

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There used to be only one manner of administering the HCG for weight loss – HCG injections. This method had benefited thousands of HCG dieters since the weight loss program was introduced in the 1960’s, but you have to admit the program could have helped more people lose weight had there been a more convenient method then.

There are fewer problems now with taking the HCG hormone. HCG producers have introduced HCG in other forms like the HCG diet drops, the nasal spray, pills and transdermal gel. Each of the forms has their own characteristic and you can be sure to find the form most applicable to your situation.

Although, the injection method has many inconveniences, it is effective. There are only two instances where it cannot really work. One is when reacts negatively to it. Injectables are easily contaminated, leave bruises that can be infected, trigger clotting of the blood and raise your blood pressure. Anyone of these problems can disrupt the implementation the program and waste all your efforts. Another instance which can render the injections ineffective is when you fall victim to HCG scams. Many of the scams that continue to discredit the HCG diet plan involve the purchase of substandard hormone.

The HCG injection has the best absorption rate of all the methods available, a perfect 100%. If you do not find it difficult and as long as you do not get scammed, it is definitely certainly the best method of administering the hcg hormone for weight loss.

You buy the HCG diet drops or any of the forms of HCG when you find the inconveniences of the Injectables hard to overcome or you are a busy person. The HCG program is a do-it-yourself and the injectable method which requires tedious preparations can hamper your work. You won’t have problem with time by opting for the sublingual HCG.

Whether its drops or injections, the daily amount of the HCG you have to absorb is still the same – 125 to 200 IUs. The difference is with the injections, the hormone is a once a day administration while with the drops it’s thrice a day.

The HCG diet drops is ingested 20 minutes before or after meals, but its best taken before. Just in case you forget to take it before meals make sure you take it within minutes after. The HCG loses its beneficial impact on your metabolism after that. The HCG hormone is the key to the fast acting 500 calorie HCG diet. It ensures you always have adequate supply of energy despite the tremendously calorie starved diet.

You easily buy the HCG diet drops online. It is not recommended, however, that you buy the brand that HCG brand appears first in the search results page when you surf the internet for it. The best place to visit when you are looking for HCG diet drops to buy is the HCG diet forums where HCG dieters share experiences and information about the HCG weight loss program. Users will not hesitate to help you identify the brands that will work and where to get them

Of what Use is the Low Calorie HCG Diet?

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There are several ways of losing weight. A few experts say the best is really just eating right and exercising a lot. Others say that eating less calories and exercising is the best. Some endorse an operation to take out the fat. This method is more appropriate for people with money and have tried the other methods and found them ineffective. The HCG diet is another method. Although it’s low calorie, it is different in that it does not demand the exercise.

There is one other thing that makes the HCG diet different from your typical low calorie weight loss diet. It’s healthy. Most plans lack foods that give you proper nourishment, not so with the HCG diet plan. It features varieties of greens, fruits, lean meats, sea food. The only thing lacking actually is the calories. Though the diet is short, just 23 or 40 days, it can really help you change your eating habits permanently. You only have to add more calories to the diet and you’ll be able to sustain its excellent results.

You get not more than 500 calories a day from the HCG diet. If you are not familiar with how it works, you will hesitate trying it. Will doubtless ask where you will get the energy for your daily activities, not to mention the constant hunger you will surely experience. You need not worry about these things. Thousands of the people who have done the diet will tell you that they encountered just the usual side effects of typical low calorie diets. These include slight headaches, dizziness and mild depression. And you escape the food cravings. These HCG diet side effects will stay with for a few days at most.

The HCG diet is faster than any other diet around. It is possible to lose up to two pounds and no lower than half-a-pound a day. It’s a terrific combination: safe and fast weight loss.
How is this possible? The HCG diet is impossible if you try without aid. Fortunately, there is the HCG hormone. You have to ingest 125 to 200 IUs of this hormone daily. What for? Well, it’s the perfect weight loss agent. With it your metabolism will be working furiously 24/7, burning fats and converting them into much needed energy. This is the reason why losing that much pounds every single day does not bring dangers at all. The hormone makes HCG diet possible.

You might be thinking the attributes of the hormone should make the low calorie diet irrelevant. Unfortunately, the hormone is just waste of time, money and effort without the HCG diet. The hormone that works automatically in the body of pregnant women, helping to strengthen the womb, to develop male organs, etc.., when applied to weight loss needs to be activated. And the diet is designed for this task.
The HCG diet is not just for the calories. It is nourishing, easily convertible into a diet that will sustain good figure and health. Most important, it makes the HCG hormone, the best weight loss agent there is today, work.

Is it Safe to do the HCG Diet a Second Time?

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It is not enough that you lose weight; you also want to lose weight safely. Most diet is concerned with that not least the HCG diet plan which is considered one of the fastest these days. The HCG weight program has two schemes. The 23 day scheme is for people who have not more than 15 rounds to lose while the 40 day program is for people who have more than 16 pounds to lose.

With HCG you can lose as much as two pounds easy. This is not surprising at all as you’ll be eating merely 500 calories each day of the program. But is the HCG diet safe? Can you do it a second time in case you need to lose more weight? There are many who question the diet’s safety.

Many won’t believe it but the HCG diet is safe. The greatly reduced intake of calories is not a problem at all mainly because of the HCG hormone. Low calorie diets often result in powerful food cravings, depression and headaches with the HCG hormone though these side effects considerably reduced. The hormone does things to your system. Your metabolism will be faster and you will not have issues with food cravings. The HCG hormone influences the hypothalamus compelling it to send signals for the release of calories huge amounts of calories out of the built-up in your body.

The HCG is only one of the reasons why the weight program is safe. Before you start the weight loss diet you are required to load-up on calories. You can eat all the calorie rich foods you want. The reason is not very difficult to see, you will need a stable source of energy when you begin the low calorie diet which is the second phase of the program. The extra calories you get from the load-up ensure your body always has energy to counter the effects of the HCG diet.

The low calorie diet also provides help in controlling side effects. The HCG diet recipe is comprised mostly of foods that take a lot of time to break down. You do not have to eat a lot to feel full and it would be hours before you feel the food cravings. Moreover, the foods give you good nourishment.

After the low starved diet, you get into the maintenance diet lasting three weeks. In this you increase your level of calorie consumption to a level that won’t allow body to gain weight again. Regular exercise can help you in this. Anyway, you really need to make exercise an integral part of your days to make sure you maintain good health.

You can always repeat the HCG diet in case you have not lost all of your excess weight. But you have to do the maintenance diet properly first to stabilize your body for the next round. Prolonged low calorie diets take their toll your body. Your metabolism can move into a starvation mode, eating muscles instead of fat, and that would be disastrous.

Should you do Exercises while on the HCG diet?

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Dr. Simeon does actually recommend that you do exercises while on the Phase 2 of the HCG diet while Kevin Trudeau recommends just light exercises in the form of slow and steady walking at least an hour day. Many health and fitness experts do not like this, but you really do not have any choice. The HCG diet phase 2 provides only 500 calories a day. It is doubtful; you will have enough energy for the exercise anyway.

It’s different when you move into the phase 3 of the diet. By this time you are supposed to have shed all the pounds you wanted off your body.  Phase 3 increases your calorie consumption from the measly 500 to the normal level. What that level would depend on two considerations: how much you will need for your physical activities and how much won’t result in weight gain.

Some HCG experts say you can eat pretty much all the calories you want during phase 3, the maintenance phase of the HCG program. This is not true actually. You still have to be careful with your caloric intake. You got your weight problem because of eating more calories than your body can eliminate.  You no longer have the HCG hormone which makes your metabolism work super-fast. And the calories your body can’t use up will settle in your waistline. You wouldn’t like to be sporting the unpleasant paunch again right after phase 2.

One thing you will like about the HCG diet plan is it gets your metabolism working efficiently again, so that you can eat foods that contain more calories. It is a detox diet designed to remove toxins from your body. However, it does not mean you can splurge on sweets and greasy foods, foods that made fat in the first place. The metabolism even an efficient one can only do so much.  There is no sense in loading on food which you know your body can’t completely metabolize. You still have to be selective. Fact is the best thing you can do is to take your phase 2 diet add the right amount of amount of foods for the needed calories. You do not need to have a new diet. Just eat more vegetables and fruits, more lean meats and seafood and more bread.

Phase 3 is basically trial and error. You’ll need to weigh daily. This way you can determine what foods and amounts give you the best results. Give yourself some leeway with regards the amounts as you can always exercise whenever you are gaining weight. Remember that exercise is part and parcel of a good health and fitness regimen. Exercising during phase 3 is a way of permanently integrating exercise into your every day routine.

The HCG program is one of those diets which solve a weight problem fast. But unlike others, it also focuses on changing your lifestyle. A better eating habit and regular exercise are the things that should be routine offshoots of the HCG weight loss program. You start finding the diet and exercise plan that will allow you to sustain your diet gains during phase 3 which is an essential part of the HCG diet plan.