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IMM 尹默
Independent / intellectual / inspired the hearts
獨立 / 知性 / 啟發人心
Independent / intellectual / inspired the hearts
獨立 / 知性 / 啟發人心


Group Brand / 集團品牌

IMM 尹默致力于打造獨立、知性具設計啟發性的高端時尚品牌,通過設計師大膽的創新,展示現代女性的獨具個性的藝術結晶。

IMM insists on creating independent, intellectual, and highly inspired high-end fashion brand. Through the bold design of top designers, IMM is an artistic integration that aims at unveiling the unique personality of modern women.



Brand Concept / 品牌理念

IMM 尹默女裝-獨立、知性、具設計啟發性的高端時尚品牌,以獨樹一幟的"IMMist 素人"的時尚藝術語言傳達出品牌特有的設計風格與意識形態。通過對服裝線條和塊面進行解構,探索一衣多穿的概念,結合個性的面料和原創花型,構建出充滿尹默痕跡的時尚衣柜。

IMM ladies' wear is an independent, intellectual, and highly-inspired high-end fashion product that aims at conveying its original design style and ideology through its unique "IMMist mortals" fashion and art language. By decomposing the lines and clumps of the cloth, exploring into the concept of "one garment for all occasions", and combining individual fabric with original patterns, IMM creates a fashion wardrobe full of the unique characteristics of IMM.



Design Concept / 設計理念


Unique, intellectual, and highly inspired ladies' fashion wear.