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Is it Safe to do the HCG Diet a Second Time?

It is not enough that you lose weight; you also want to lose weight safely. Most diet is concerned with that not least the HCG diet plan which is considered one of the fastest these days. The HCG weight program has two schemes. The 23 day scheme is for people who have not more than 15 rounds to lose while the 40 day program is for people who have more than 16 pounds to lose.

With HCG you can lose as much as two pounds easy. This is not surprising at all as you’ll be eating merely 500 calories each day of the program. But is the HCG diet safe? Can you do it a second time in case you need to lose more weight? There are many who question the diet’s safety.

Many won’t believe it but the HCG diet is safe. The greatly reduced intake of calories is not a problem at all mainly because of the HCG hormone. Low calorie diets often result in powerful food cravings, depression and headaches with the HCG hormone though these side effects considerably reduced. The hormone does things to your system. Your metabolism will be faster and you will not have issues with food cravings. The HCG hormone influences the hypothalamus compelling it to send signals for the release of calories huge amounts of calories out of the built-up in your body.

The HCG is only one of the reasons why the weight program is safe. Before you start the weight loss diet you are required to load-up on calories. You can eat all the calorie rich foods you want. The reason is not very difficult to see, you will need a stable source of energy when you begin the low calorie diet which is the second phase of the program. The extra calories you get from the load-up ensure your body always has energy to counter the effects of the HCG diet.

The low calorie diet also provides help in controlling side effects. The HCG diet recipe is comprised mostly of foods that take a lot of time to break down. You do not have to eat a lot to feel full and it would be hours before you feel the food cravings. Moreover, the foods give you good nourishment.

After the low starved diet, you get into the maintenance diet lasting three weeks. In this you increase your level of calorie consumption to a level that won’t allow body to gain weight again. Regular exercise can help you in this. Anyway, you really need to make exercise an integral part of your days to make sure you maintain good health.

You can always repeat the HCG diet in case you have not lost all of your excess weight. But you have to do the maintenance diet properly first to stabilize your body for the next round. Prolonged low calorie diets take their toll your body. Your metabolism can move into a starvation mode, eating muscles instead of fat, and that would be disastrous.

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