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Of what Use is the Low Calorie HCG Diet?

There are several ways of losing weight. A few experts say the best is really just eating right and exercising a lot. Others say that eating less calories and exercising is the best. Some endorse an operation to take out the fat. This method is more appropriate for people with money and have tried the other methods and found them ineffective. The HCG diet is another method. Although it’s low calorie, it is different in that it does not demand the exercise.

There is one other thing that makes the HCG diet different from your typical low calorie weight loss diet. It’s healthy. Most plans lack foods that give you proper nourishment, not so with the HCG diet plan. It features varieties of greens, fruits, lean meats, sea food. The only thing lacking actually is the calories. Though the diet is short, just 23 or 40 days, it can really help you change your eating habits permanently. You only have to add more calories to the diet and you’ll be able to sustain its excellent results.

You get not more than 500 calories a day from the HCG diet. If you are not familiar with how it works, you will hesitate trying it. Will doubtless ask where you will get the energy for your daily activities, not to mention the constant hunger you will surely experience. You need not worry about these things. Thousands of the people who have done the diet will tell you that they encountered just the usual side effects of typical low calorie diets. These include slight headaches, dizziness and mild depression. And you escape the food cravings. These HCG diet side effects will stay with for a few days at most.

The HCG diet is faster than any other diet around. It is possible to lose up to two pounds and no lower than half-a-pound a day. It’s a terrific combination: safe and fast weight loss.
How is this possible? The HCG diet is impossible if you try without aid. Fortunately, there is the HCG hormone. You have to ingest 125 to 200 IUs of this hormone daily. What for? Well, it’s the perfect weight loss agent. With it your metabolism will be working furiously 24/7, burning fats and converting them into much needed energy. This is the reason why losing that much pounds every single day does not bring dangers at all. The hormone makes HCG diet possible.

You might be thinking the attributes of the hormone should make the low calorie diet irrelevant. Unfortunately, the hormone is just waste of time, money and effort without the HCG diet. The hormone that works automatically in the body of pregnant women, helping to strengthen the womb, to develop male organs, etc.., when applied to weight loss needs to be activated. And the diet is designed for this task.
The HCG diet is not just for the calories. It is nourishing, easily convertible into a diet that will sustain good figure and health. Most important, it makes the HCG hormone, the best weight loss agent there is today, work.

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