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Should you do Exercises while on the HCG diet?

Dr. Simeon does actually recommend that you do exercises while on the Phase 2 of the HCG diet while Kevin Trudeau recommends just light exercises in the form of slow and steady walking at least an hour day. Many health and fitness experts do not like this, but you really do not have any choice. The HCG diet phase 2 provides only 500 calories a day. It is doubtful; you will have enough energy for the exercise anyway.

It’s different when you move into the phase 3 of the diet. By this time you are supposed to have shed all the pounds you wanted off your body.  Phase 3 increases your calorie consumption from the measly 500 to the normal level. What that level would depend on two considerations: how much you will need for your physical activities and how much won’t result in weight gain.

Some HCG experts say you can eat pretty much all the calories you want during phase 3, the maintenance phase of the HCG program. This is not true actually. You still have to be careful with your caloric intake. You got your weight problem because of eating more calories than your body can eliminate.  You no longer have the HCG hormone which makes your metabolism work super-fast. And the calories your body can’t use up will settle in your waistline. You wouldn’t like to be sporting the unpleasant paunch again right after phase 2.

One thing you will like about the HCG diet plan is it gets your metabolism working efficiently again, so that you can eat foods that contain more calories. It is a detox diet designed to remove toxins from your body. However, it does not mean you can splurge on sweets and greasy foods, foods that made fat in the first place. The metabolism even an efficient one can only do so much.  There is no sense in loading on food which you know your body can’t completely metabolize. You still have to be selective. Fact is the best thing you can do is to take your phase 2 diet add the right amount of amount of foods for the needed calories. You do not need to have a new diet. Just eat more vegetables and fruits, more lean meats and seafood and more bread.

Phase 3 is basically trial and error. You’ll need to weigh daily. This way you can determine what foods and amounts give you the best results. Give yourself some leeway with regards the amounts as you can always exercise whenever you are gaining weight. Remember that exercise is part and parcel of a good health and fitness regimen. Exercising during phase 3 is a way of permanently integrating exercise into your every day routine.

The HCG program is one of those diets which solve a weight problem fast. But unlike others, it also focuses on changing your lifestyle. A better eating habit and regular exercise are the things that should be routine offshoots of the HCG weight loss program. You start finding the diet and exercise plan that will allow you to sustain your diet gains during phase 3 which is an essential part of the HCG diet plan.


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