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The Best HCG Diet Food

The foods allowed by the low calorie HCG diet are carefully screened. You can’t just take any foods low on calorie and eat them. Being low calorie is just one of the aspects of the diet that makes it effective. It is at the same time a detox calling for fiber rich foods and lots of liquids, and good amounts of proteins are also required to build and safeguard muscle tissues. The HCG diet wants you to have all kinds of vitamins and minerals to make sure you maintain good health while you are dieting.

The HCG diet focuses on two things that you lose weight fast and you keep the diet results permanently. Being fast, it’s able to drop half pound at the very least daily, it’s time frames are rather short. There are two time frames. One covers 23 days for those who do not have much to lose. Another covers 40 days for the seriously fat. Still the diet knows that healthy eating habit plays a critical role in providing a long-term solution to the weight problem. Thus, the HCG diet might be very low calorie, but it selects foods to allow very carefully.

The HCG diet comes with a recipe that its founder, Dr. Simeons, formulated. There is no doubt the hCG diet food is ion that recipe since the doctors has tested the recipe for a long time before releasing it for public consumption. The foods, mostly vegetables, fruits, sea food and lean meats, contained in the recipe meet the requirements of the HCG program. They have plenty of protein, fiber and minerals and vitamins your body needs to keep healthy. They contain very little calories – just 500 calories – to make sure you lose weight.

There are many HCG diet variations offered by some HCG experts. It would be wise not to utilize versions until you have compared them with the original found in the book “Pounds and Inches” that Dr. Simeon wrote. You can also consult a nutritionist of a doctor about changes to the original.

The reason why you have to be careful about changes in the foods recommended by Dr. Simeon is that HCG diet dangers may arise out of it. The foods in the original diet recipe had been tested for their ability to help activate the HCG hormone you take in conjunction with the weight loss diet. If you have read anything about how the HCG program works, you know that the HCG hormone has a lot to do with speeding up your metabolic process which results in fast fat loss and reduction in food cravings. The fast metabolic process also generates lots of calories, so that you will weaken at all.

The risks you face in changing some of the food items in the recipe are too great. Perhaps, you just have to follow the recipe, but if you cannot do that, do not forget to consult somebody professional, so that you will still lose weight as expected and serious dangers can be avoided.

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