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When do you Buy HCG diet Drops?

There used to be only one manner of administering the HCG for weight loss – HCG injections. This method had benefited thousands of HCG dieters since the weight loss program was introduced in the 1960’s, but you have to admit the program could have helped more people lose weight had there been a more convenient method then.

There are fewer problems now with taking the HCG hormone. HCG producers have introduced HCG in other forms like the HCG diet drops, the nasal spray, pills and transdermal gel. Each of the forms has their own characteristic and you can be sure to find the form most applicable to your situation.

Although, the injection method has many inconveniences, it is effective. There are only two instances where it cannot really work. One is when reacts negatively to it. Injectables are easily contaminated, leave bruises that can be infected, trigger clotting of the blood and raise your blood pressure. Anyone of these problems can disrupt the implementation the program and waste all your efforts. Another instance which can render the injections ineffective is when you fall victim to HCG scams. Many of the scams that continue to discredit the HCG diet plan involve the purchase of substandard hormone.

The HCG injection has the best absorption rate of all the methods available, a perfect 100%. If you do not find it difficult and as long as you do not get scammed, it is definitely certainly the best method of administering the hcg hormone for weight loss.

You buy the HCG diet drops or any of the forms of HCG when you find the inconveniences of the Injectables hard to overcome or you are a busy person. The HCG program is a do-it-yourself and the injectable method which requires tedious preparations can hamper your work. You won’t have problem with time by opting for the sublingual HCG.

Whether its drops or injections, the daily amount of the HCG you have to absorb is still the same – 125 to 200 IUs. The difference is with the injections, the hormone is a once a day administration while with the drops it’s thrice a day.

The HCG diet drops is ingested 20 minutes before or after meals, but its best taken before. Just in case you forget to take it before meals make sure you take it within minutes after. The HCG loses its beneficial impact on your metabolism after that. The HCG hormone is the key to the fast acting 500 calorie HCG diet. It ensures you always have adequate supply of energy despite the tremendously calorie starved diet.

You easily buy the HCG diet drops online. It is not recommended, however, that you buy the brand that HCG brand appears first in the search results page when you surf the internet for it. The best place to visit when you are looking for HCG diet drops to buy is the HCG diet forums where HCG dieters share experiences and information about the HCG weight loss program. Users will not hesitate to help you identify the brands that will work and where to get them

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